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Through God’s Grace, restoration is possible

At Grace Hope Counseling of Florida, we believe that God will always be with you even during the most difficult times. As a veteran and minority-owned practice, we provide clinical Christian therapy and mental health services to individuals who are ready to heal and move forward in their life. To learn more about us and what we do, continue browsing our website or contact us today.

Our Mission

Convey truth, awaken hope, and encourage growth through grace.

The definition of grace is honoring someone with one's own presence and courteous goodwill. Grace creates space for love, honesty, healing, and freedom. At Grace Hope Counseling of Florida (GHC-FL), we offer grace and trauma-informed care to our clients so that they can heal from past traumatic experiences, develop a deep sense of self-awareness, feel empowered to make cognitive and behavioral changes, and have the opportunity to experience joy and freedom in their daily life.

  • Truth: Grace represents the ability to see beyond the mask that others wear and the unhealthy thought patterns that trauma elicits in order to help clients separate reality from emotional dysregulation.
  • Hope: Grace provides a safe space for clients to move through their pain, trust their intuition, and become motivated to move forward in life.
  • Growth: Grace creates an opportunity for personal empowerment and positive change, thereby enhancing the client’s quality of life. Grace Hope Counseling of Florida is a mental health private clinic that provides children, adolescents, and adults with individual and group counseling. When clients visit Grace Hope Counseling of Florida, we provide them with the best customer service, premium products, and superior clinical treatment. To clients who are interested in this kind of therapy, we also provide Christian-based psychotherapy. While we promote ourselves as a Christian group to the general public, we do not proselytize or compel customers to adopt our viewpoints through the profession. When it comes to our faith-based services, we are considerate and customer-focused.

Our Vision

Collaboratively integrating spiritual and psychological viewpoints to find solutions for mental wellbeing.

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